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The Vidoflex Brand

Under the brand name Vidoflex, an entire line of foam rubber insulation products is manufactured exclusively in Israel at the Anavid plant, and institutional. for home industrial.

Vidoflex was developed as a coating specifically for heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, conforming completely to Israeli standards and to international quality standards. Incorporating the product in piping systems, both in the industrial-institutional sector as well as in the private sector, produces significant energy savings and a considerable reduction in costs.

Vidoflex products are efficient for both cooling systems and heating systems: they serve to insulate the piping in air conditioners, coolers, ventilation systems, industrial and home cooling/refrigeration systems, and heating systems, and are used successfully in buildings, ship structures, the automotive industry, sanitation systems, and more.

Vidoflex is durable at a broad range of fluid temperatures, from minus 40°C to 105°C plus. Its use guarantees the pipes' crack resistance in installations where the delivery systems operate under dry steam, and provides protection for the pipes in case of frost, which can cause the fluid to freeze and to burst leading pipes.

Vidoflex products appear in a wide variety of sizes, diameters and thicknesses as required in Israel and worldwide. For institutional and industrial purposes Anavid offers the Vidotech solutions – complete ensembles of conductive pipe that are insulated, wrapped, and ready for assembly as the insulation sleeves have already been incorporated in advance.