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Vidoflex Insulation complies with ISO 9001 and with various foreign national standards.

Anavid products comply fully with the Israeli standards, including the most stringent standards with regard to the spread of fire and smoke. Along with the various standards of the Standards Institution of Israel, Vidoflex meets the requisite standards in every one of its target markets abroad. The product is approved for use according to the following standards, among others:

EN 14304, the European standard for flexible thermal insulation products, including a permit for bearing the CE Marking - the European standard for flexible thermal insulation products, under the supervision of official laboratories and institutions recognized by the EU.

ISO 9001 - BS 476 : PART 6 1989 + A1 :2009 the world's foremost standard for the management of quality systems.

Israeli Standard 5442 - Israeli Standard for Elastomeric Foam Products – "Elastomer Products Produced by Expansion for Thermal Insulation".

Israeli Standard 1205 - "Installation and Inspection of Sanitary Systems - Hot Water Conduction Systems" (home plumbing fixtures).

Israeli Standard 579 - "Solar Water Heating Systems – Pumped Domestic Systems".

Israeli Standard 994 - "Air Conditioners – Installation".

Vidoflex is the only product in Israel that is authorized to bear the Israel Standard Mark 5442, confirming that the product complies with the requirements of Israel Standard 5442 and is inspected on a regular basis by the laboratories of the Standards Institution of Israel, as opposed to imported products. Therefore it constitutes an exclusive product approved for use in accordance with the Israeli standards.

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