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In the Israeli Market

Vidoflex products are widespread in the Israeli market as they are a one-of-a-kind product that is produced in Israel and meets the binding standards. Meeting standards that are intended to protect the consumer also means potential savings of hundreds of shekels a year for every household in Israel.

In the home market, plastic installation is still widely used for the outer coverings of piping for solar water heaters and air conditioners. The external plastic tubes, which are not insulated products, actually behave like old copper pipes with respect to loss of temperature – in other words, they are not insulated and they do not prevent heat from escaping. The private consumer is not always aware of the savings aspect and the importance of high quality insulation, which will be durable over time under UV radiation and will preserve energy in the pipe, so a great deal of water will not be wasted before hot water arrives at the faucet.

In this context, Anavid offers its insulation solutions both for the private sector and for large public buildings and industrial systems. In all hospitals in Israel, in most of the hotels, in all the large buildings at Airport City and in hundreds of other public buildings, large installations and institutions, Vidoflex solutions are installed for insulating the air-conditioning and cooling/refrigeration systems.
In terms of household applications, Vidoflex is a very user-friendly product and easy to install. In home solar water heating systems one can install the insulating pipe oneself, without the aid of a professional. Nevertheless, for home air-conditioning systems, it is advisable to secure the help of a professional installer.

To reach the private sector in Israel, Anavid offers Vidoflex products to experts in construction – planners, architects, consultants, contractors and contracting companies, as well as to professionals such as plumbers, pipe installers, piping experts, installers of boilers and air conditioners, as well as insulation and maintenance personnel.