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Working at Anavid

Anavid sees itself as a home for its employees and insists on mutual respect, patience and tolerance.

Currently about 70 people are employed by Anavid in various positions: manufacturing, quality control, R&D, marketing, sales, administration, and more.

The work experience at Anavid is influenced directly by our values, which guide us along the way and enable our employees to enjoy a pleasant, safe, professional and challenging work environment:

Partnership is the secret of our success. Mutual respect, patience and tolerance, support and a true commitment of all of us to joint success – all these contribute to a sense of family that characterizes Anavid as a workplace.

Professionalism is the basis of our ability to meet the complex challenges of the energy conservation world. Therefore we are firm about training processes, guidance and enrichment for the professional and managerial development of workers and managers.

– Multicultural, multi-sectoral, variety in human capital; in one word: diversity. We at Anavid believe that the diversity between us as individuals contributes to the enrichment of the organization from a professional and social standpoint, and bolsters our ties with the environment.

We would like to be a lodestone for the best people, to develop and esteem the unique contribution of each and every one of us to our joint success. Therefore we employ people from various sectors – from the Arab sector, from the Ethiopian community, immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and people with various disabilities.

Commitment to the community and to society - Caring is one of the major values that guides and characterizes us as an organization. Caring is our commitment to take responsibility and display initiative at all levels of our activities, and in this context, our commitment is naturally to the community as well.

Therefore, the company's human resources department works through a number of channels in the community and in society:

Training the next generation – collaboration with academia:
Ongoing ties with academic institutions for the purpose of training a new generation of professionals, primarily engineering students. Some of the students are integrated as Anavid employees while specializing and conducting projects in the course of their studies.

Variety in human capital: We employ people contending with physical and psychological disabilities, as well as pensioners, in the belief that Anavid, as a commercial organization, is an inseparable part of the human and social fabric.
Ties to the community: In the spirit of this concept, we always donate a fixed percentage of our products for the use of struggling and needy communities in Israeli society.

A Career at Anavid
We are looking for people who are dedicated, professional, industrious, committed and ambitious!

If you have the required skills and a desire to join us, you can send a CV to: anavid@kanavim.com