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Anavid Products Have Been Granted the European Union CE Marking

After successfully passing the certification checks of the European Union with regard to the standards for technical insulation products, Anavid was certified for the CE Marking – the binding European standard for Flexible Elastomeric Foam (FEF) products.
Anavid is the only Israeli company in its field that was certified for this standard, granting formal confirmation that the company's products meet the stringent European standards for flexible thermal insulation products. In the context of this certification, Anavid products won a high classification in the European fire tests and as a result they are classified as having a low level of flammability/combustibility.

The certification for the CE Marking is of strategic significance to Anavid, because as of August 2012, in Europe, one can sell only insulation materials that meet the European manufacturing standards and bear the CE certification, which confirms their durability and quality required with regard to a variety of parameters such as heat conductivity, resistance to the passage of water vapor, behavior in fire, tolerances, etc. The level of transparency that the standard brings with it will enable planners, distributors and installers to make a convenient and direct comparison among the products on the market, and should favorably influence trade in Europe.

One of the significant changes in the new standard is that national fire classifications that were in force till now, such as the German fire classifications B1 and B2 and the Spanish classification M1, will be replaced by standard European fire classifications. The new classifications will include seven fire classifications from level A to level F that were already in force for other building materials. For insulation materials for pipes, the Mark 'L' (indicating Linear products) will be added. An additional new feature is information regarding the formation of smoke and drops of fire, which will be indicated by the letters 's' and 'd' respectively. In the European fire test, Anavid products obtained the classification B/BL-s3d0 – the best fire classification for elastomeric insulation products.
The CE Marking will appear on Anavid products from now on, and should help them enter new markets while promoting activity in the approximately 20 countries worldwide where Vidoflex products are currently marketed.

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