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600 Million Shekels – The Savings Potential of Vidoflex for the National Energy Economy

The Israeli consumer knows this well: when the solar water heater is new, there's no problem – it heats very well, so the need for insulation is almost imperceptible. The problem begins as the system ages and weakens, which is something that happens in Israel within a few short years, primarily due to the accumulation of lime scale on the solar collectors and around the heating elements. The result: weak heating, which causes the hot water to run out quickly even on sunny days. The consequence is the financial cost that is incurred by the overuse of the electric boiler even during the summer. However, even with a new system that heats well, the Israeli consumer needs to let the water flow for a minute or more until hot water reaches the faucet, since water remaining in the pipe connecting the tank to the faucet cools off rather quickly. This means a considerable waste of water, which accumulates to significant amounts. Tests performed by Anavid experts found that the use of Vidoflex insulation in the home piping helps reduce the financial expense involved in wasting water and heating it, to the tune of hundreds of shekels per year for every household in Israel. It emerges that the cumulative national savings through the use of Vidoflex could reach 24 million cubic meters of water per year, according to a calculation of 12 m³ per year per family for 2 million households, and a combined financial savings in the consumption of electricity and water of nearly 600 million shekels, according to a calculation of 300 shekels per year for 2 million households – and all this in the private sector alone!